Multimedia Broadcast

We have no multimedia broadcast program at our school, and it is not integrated at all into our curriculum at school. The work you see on this page is my small bit of learning the huge field of multimedia broadcast in an extracurricular publication that’s never had a program for it.

All of the multimedia work we do is to supplement the articles on our website, and give another dimension to our social media.

We love periscope. It’s all about developing a relationship with more people. In Periscoping one football game, we got 13 new followers (5% increase) on Twitter. Those 13 people may have come to see our broadcast coverage of the football games, but now they see all of our content on our Twitter feeds. They now see all of our stories.

In June 2015, we Periscoped graduation by taping a smartphone to the wall. We knew we were going to publish the graduation speaker’s full speech, but we wanted to supplement that coverage with a broadcast.

We are able to give a more dynamic experience to our audience with Periscope, and frankly I just like sitting in the Press Box and learning from the other journalists.

Talking about Periscope

Periscope was a big part of our social media presentation at the National High School Journalism Conference. There is more information about the presentation on the entrepreneurship page, but here you can see the section where we talk about our use of Periscope. You can also follow along on the presentation starting on slide 52.

Senior Prank 2015

Every year, the senior class plans a senior prank. In 2014, a reporter on staff published a breaking news story on that senior prank and it became one of the most-read articles on the site at that time. I wanted this opportunity to get some more breaking news experience.

I missed probably half of my classes that day for one excuse or another to write up the story, upload all the photos and videos, and prepare it online. Our Assistant Dean of Students was not happy about this, but I captured the senior’s prank and published it quickly. For years to come, they will be able to show their friends what they did for their senior prank.

The best part is in Part 1 when the student on the pogo stick face-plants. This makes it all worth it.

Read the news story with videos and a photo slideshow included.

Student Council Speeches

Student Council speeches have a very distinct tradition at my school, perhaps highlighted best by last year's presidential candidate Ted Holleran’s opening line, “Welcome to the Malvern Prep funniest speech contest 2015.”

Filming the speeches in 2015 was a last-minute project for me, but we got positive feedback about posting these videos on our site. This year, we planned in advance for higher quality video. For the 2017 elections, we have proposed a debate moderated by our staff.

Seniors are not allowed to attend the speeches, but they still care about the school and the recording them was a great way to drive viewers to our site. The same applies goes for parents and alumni invested in the school. They want to see who will be leading the student body for the following year.

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