Photojournalism is essential. Humans are dynamic beings and we are not effectively stimulated just by words on a paper or screen. A story needs to be a complete package and engage the reader in more than one way.

We have no real training in photography other than always landscape and never portrait, and a bit of training on the rule of thirds. We don’t have any professional-grade cameras - we have iPhones. We try our best, but it is an area where I have a lot to learn, and our whole staff needs to improve.

To the left is my favorite picture I have taken yet. The best part about this picture is that most of them are holding up three fingers, and they finished third place at the championship meet this picture was taken at. They were holding up three fingers to cheer on a teammate who was swimming 20 laps. I loved capturing their enthusiasm, which was really the theme of the whole meet.

My Photojournalism

Click the images below to see more about my pieces of photojournalism.

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