A Light of Exposure

Published: January 2016, The Blackfriar Chronicle

This article is my favorite story I’ve written, because it tackles a stigmatized issue with emotional appeal and clarity.

This 4,000+ word feature started out as a 500-word column, after I identified eight high profile youth suicides in the Philadelphia Area. Upon further investigation, I realized that the number of suicides in the area is higher than ever, and my school, in an affluent suburb, is a high risk place for suicides. Talking to individuals who attempted suicide, lost a son, and found a brother dead were all extremely difficult interviews. It was one of the best journalism experiences I’ve had yet.

Read the article here.


Published: February 2016, The Blackfriar Chronicle

I really love this story, but in a different way than A Light of Exposure. This article is a feature on Maria, a member of the cleaning staff at my school. Two months ago, I was talking to her in Spanish (she doesn't speak any English), and she told that she immigrated here from Mexico and left her family in her battle against ovarian cancer. Her story is incredible. Despite her struggles, she is one of the happiest people I know.

As an AP Spanish student who has also spent an exchange in Panama, I had enough fluency to do our interviews without a translator, which I think qualifies me as a bilingual journalist. It was humbling to tell Maria's story.

Read the article here.

Feeney admits guilt of unlawful behavior with Malvern student

Published: March 2016, The Friar’s Lantern

Our staff had followed this story closely since the investigation on Feeney began in May 2015, but we did not think we would be able to cover it with our previous prior review policy. That policy changed in January 2016, which enabled me to cover Feeney's sentencing.

Within an hour after school, I had this story drafted and ready to go with quotes from our Head of School, who had not spoken to any of the other media outlets covering the story.

Read the article here.

A Peek Into the Relationship Between Recruiting and Admissions

Published: May 2015, The Blackfriar Chronicle

Athletics have always been huge at my school, and as a private institution, recruiting has always been a part of that. There have always been rumors from outsiders that Malvern gives athletic scholarships, and so I set out to investigate whether that was true or not.

I got some interesting information, but this is still a topic I want to take another look at in my final months before I graduate.

Read the article here.

A Reality Check on Diversity

Published: May 2014, The Blackfriar Chronicle

I was the Vice President of The Diversity Awareness Club when I published this column. We had recently done a school-wide survey, and the results were extreme. I knew they had to be covered in the newspaper, and I figured a strong and supported column would be the best way. I interviewed a Penn professor, and made a very specific call about the guiding language of the Diversity Initiative which equated people of racial diversity to less fortunate. Within a week later, the language had changed and never resurfaced.

Read the article here.

Twitter impersonation causes anxiety, leads to dialogue

Published: Winter 2014 The Blackfriar Chronicle

When a student at my school was impersonated on Twitter, his name was tarnished. The series of tweets spewed blatantly racist remarks following the Baltimore riots. This story was really interesting to me because that could have happened to anyone. That same night, someone could have created a profile acting to be me. I also wanted to help him distance himself from it by improving his online reputation and SEO with our article explaining the event. It was also a great opportunity to mentor the younger reporter who shares this byline on writing about sensitive topics.

Read the article here.

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